Crack Sealing Machine


Kettle volume: 500 L


Product Details


Crack sealing machine is a road maintenance machine for repairing the pavement cracks, which is used for heating and pouring the sealant evenly into the treated cracks to achieve the waterproof purpose. It’s composed of chassis, power, driving motors, control system, heating system, and pumping systems. It’s used with a router, vacuum cleaner or hot air lance. It applies to the residential, municipal, highway, freeway, airport, and other pavement.


1. Safety and human design: Truck-mounted structure, small size, only needs a 3200*1800 mm truck box, integrated lifter with crack router, improve loading safety performance.

2. Centralized temperature controller: Dual-digital LCD temperature controller: timely display and adjust the temperature of heat transfer oil, sealant, and sealing hose.

3. Sealing wand: Labor-saving design, electric discharge switch controls the material volume, ensure the best sealing effect under the same sealant, temperature and road conditions.

4. Submerged pump: Easy discharge and longer service life.

5. Heat transfer oil system: Sandwich design use less oil, improves heating speed, and reduce replacement cost.

6. Special geometry chamber: Flame is blown to the partition wall at an angle of 45 degrees downwards, without direct contact with the hot kettle, the air in the chamber is fully burned with a high heat utilization rate.

7. The lowest feeding height: Compact and reasonable structure, low operating position, and filling height ensure conveniently, labor-saving, and safe feeding operations.

8. Easy-to-replace sealing wand: Choose the corresponding sealing wand according to the cracks and road conditions to achieve the best sealing effect.

Construction process



Dimensions2800   x 1350 x 1650 mm, L x W x H
Carriage dimensions3200   x 1650 mm L x W
Net weight1150   KG
Kettle volume500   L
Melting   rate45   min/80 kgContinuous   melting rate20 min/14   kg
Engine220V   Honda gasoline engine
StartingElectric   starting
Engine   speed3600   r/min
Displacement389   cm3
Rated   power5.5   KVA
Fuel92#   gasoline
Fuel   tank25 L
Continuous   working time9 h
Feeding   pumpAdjustable   speed motor, 0.75 KW
AgitatorConstant   speed motor, 0.75 KW
Feeding system
Feeding   pumpBuilt-in pump   0-28.4 L/min, Pressure 0.56 MPa
Discharge nozzleDN   50 mm
Automatic thermostatic   control system
ThermocoupleK   type
Heat   transfer oil130 L
Electric heated hose and   burner
Burner220 V   diesel burner, 100KW/h (250000 BTU/H)
Diesel   tank60 L
Electric   heated hose220   V, length: 6M, 270 degrees rotating
Hoist for grooving machine
LED   guide board

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