Crack Router

Engine, KOHLER, 23.5 HP 

Cutting width: 1-4 cm 

Cutting depth: 0-3 cm


Product Details


Crack router is necessary equipment for repairing cracks. It can cut irregular cracks into even grooves to ensure the bond between the sealant and cut surface, achieve waterproofing sealing, and extend the road service life. It’s composed of engine, drive device, cutter, cleaner, controller, and walking system.


1. Engine

Kohler 23.5 HP (18.4KW) gasoline engine, it can meet the requirements of quick start under different temperatures. Equipped with an emergency shutdown switch to ensure the safety of operators and machinery.


2. Air filter system

Triple filter system, which can remove 98% pollutants before the air enters the second filter. It fully responds to the dusty and dross working environmental requirements and maximizes the engines' service life.


3. Self-Weight

295kg,low center of gravity, more stable, no jump, safe and easy operation, accurate grooving effect.

4. Cutting depth and crack tracking indicator

Six-piece carbide cutter set reinforced bearing and cutter drum. The structure fully meets the cutting requirements of various cracks. Equipped with a crack tracking indicator which can indicate the irregular cracks to ensure the cutting accuracy. The maximum cutting depth is 35mm and width from 10~40mm. Under normal conditions, the average cutting life of the cutter is 20,000 linear meters.


5. Maintenance-free battery

12V large-capacity battery, maintenance-free, self-charged, and installed under the fuel tank rack to protect it from impact or corrosion.


6. Operation handle

Lengthened slip-proof handle equipped with an emergency stop switch.

7. Four banded v-belts

8. safe electromagnetic clutch brake.

The operator only needs to move the armrest downward to lift the knife drum to brake the machine, without changing hands or touching the auxiliary control device, and the operation can be stopped immediately and effectively.

9. Protective cover and vacuum cleaner

Rubber, brush double protective cover prevents gravel dust splashing; Vacuum cleaner suction effect up to 92%.


Model            KC-25-Ⅱ            
Dimensions1380×950×1250mm (without   operation handle)2100×950×1250 mm (with   operation handle)
Cutting width1-4 cm
Cutting depth0-3 cm
Self-weight295 kg
Load-bearing360 kg
EngineKOHLER electric start   gasoline engine. 2-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke with OHV overhead intake   valve
Engine speed3600 r/min
Displacement725 CC
Rated power23.5 HP
Fuel#92 gasoline or higher
Fuel tank22 L, equipped with fuel filter
Engine oil1.8 L
Air filterTriple air filter with   coarse filter, paper filter and cotton filter
Cutter drum30.5 cm,6-piece carbide bits set
Drive beltFour banded v-belts
BatteryRocket 12 V, 60 AHs
Vacuum cleaner            
Dust tank capacity10 L
Blower air volume10 m³/h

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