Asphalt Recycler

Drum: 360° rotating, 1000L

Burner: Riello


Product Details


Asphalt recycler is an asphalt pavement repair equipment used for mixing, heating, and recycling asphalt mixture; It’s composed of drum, heating system, controller, bitumen emulsion sprayer, hot bitumen melter, engine and chassis. It’s suitable for the repair of potholes, alligator cracks, bumps, ruts, large cracks, and other asphalt pavement distresses.


1. Drum: 360-degree rotating drum, double insulation layer, hot air cycle heating; 

2. Burner: Stable Riello diesel burner; It can heat new asphalt mixture and recycle old asphalt material.

3. Integrated controller: Integrated controller for drum action and heating, controlled heating time and temperature, avoid burning the material.

4. Engine: Brand engine with strong power and stable performance.

5. Chassis: 4-wheel twin-axle dual plate spring shock absorption towing chassis, equipped with handbrake and impact brake, vacuum auto tires, safe and reliable.

6. Optional bitumen emulsion sprayer and hot bitumen melter.

Construction process



Dimensions3650   x 1850 x 2060 mm, L x W x H
Net   weight1850   kg
EngineThree-phase   diesel engine (AC380V)
StartingElectric   / Manual
Rated   power8.5   KVA
Fuel0#   diesel
Drum   capacity1000   L
BurnerRiello,   AC220 V, 120 KW
Diesel   tank100   L
Fuel0#   Diesel
Heating   method360-degree   rotating hot air heating (double insulation layer)
Heating   time15   min
Drum   motor2.2   KW
Driving   modeHigh-efficiency   reducer, gear drive (double reduction system)
DischargeReverse   spiral discharge
Discharge   rate2-5   min
Bitumen emulsion sprayer system
HoseHose   length:15 m, Spray lance:1.2 m.
Capacity50   L
Air   compressorRated   power 2 HP / Pressure ≥ 0.8 Mpa
Hot bitumen system
Hot   bitumen capacity100   L
Flow   controlIntelligent   time control
DeliveryElectric   heated hose
HeatingHeat   transfer oil
AgitationElectric   agitating
The hoist of road roller
Lifting   height2500   mm (Height optional)
Operating   radius1500   m
Operating   weightDouble-rope   400 kgs, Single-rope 260 kgs
Driving mode
DrivingTowing,   with handbrake and impact brake
Chassis4-wheel   twin-axle double plate spring shock absorption.
LED   boardDC12V   LED arrow board, 1000M visible.
Towing   speed≦90   km/h
Tire205/70R/14   vacuum tire

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