What is Road Maintenance

World Bank is quoted as saying that roads “are among the most important public assets in any country.” From this point of view, it is vital to keep roads safe and in an efficient working status. Road maintenance is works that preserving and keeping it as nearly as possible in its original, keep minor defects from developing into major ones, to provide good and safe service to road users.

According to different maintenance subjects, road maintenance was divided as

1. Surface maintenance

2. Roadside and drainage maintenance

3. Shoulder and approaches maintenance

4. Bridges maintenance

5. Snow and ice control

6. Traffic service


According to the nature and scale of maintenance, it is divided into:

1. Routine maintenance

2. Periodic maintenance

3. Emergency maintenance

Routine maintenance is based on routine (daily) inspection of the condition of the pavement, cut and fill slopes, drainage, bridges, and other structures and facilities to monitor any defects and damage.

Periodic maintenance is based on a detailed inspection performed at certain time intervals such as seasonally or yearly depending on the type and kind of facilities.

Emergency maintenance comprises works to restore road and road-related facilities to their normal operating conditions after they are damaged by road accidents or natural causes. It is impossible to foresee the frequency, but such maintenance requires immediate action.

There are other ways to divide road maintenance works, above are the main and common divisions.  

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