Routine maintenance of crack filling machine

Good maintenance of crack filling machine will ensure the filling quality, increase the service cycle and reduce the use of machinery cost.

Following the steps below to see if you are good enough to your machine.

1. Engine

A. The new machine needs to run in for 1 hour under the condition of no load, and 10 minutes of warm-up is needed before the equipment is used;

B. The air filter element shall be cleaned every day and replaced for 300 hours;

C. Change the oil after the equipment is used for 100 hours [the oil type is as required];

D. The fuel filter element should be replaced every three months;

E. The fuel oil return filter element shall be replaced every three months.


2. Hot melt kettle

After works for several months, there will be a small amount of burnt waste on the inner wall of the kettle. It should be cleaned timely to avoid blocking the discharge line and accelerating the wear of the material pump.


3. Feeding pump

When the sealing ring of the material pump wears to the fastening bottom of its fixed iron block, it needs to be replaced [Slight leakage is a normal phenomenon, and leakage is to meet the thermal expansion of the components in the material pump]


4. Lubrication

The parts of the equipment that need lubricating oil should be buttered and maintained once every 15 days.


Welcome to contact us if you need more detailed maintenance instructions.