How to heat asphalt better in Winter
The common methods of asphalt heating

Heat transfer oil heating

Use heat transfer oil as heat carrier. The heating process is simple and convenient, equipment is not under pressure, safe and reliable operation, high production efficiency, low heating cost, low labor intensity, little environmental pollution. Heat transfer oil heating is an advanced heating technology and has been widely used.

Heat directly over an open flame.

This is one of the most primitive and common methods of heating asphalt. There are two ways to heat asphalt directly from the outside and directly from the inside. At present, the most commonly used is the internal direct heat type. Although this method is common, the local temperature is too high, the huge difference in temperature between asphalt and heater, and the poor fluidity of asphalt, seriously affect the elongation and adhesion of asphalt.

Infrared radiation heating

Infrared radiation heating is a heating method based on the physical property of asphalt material to absorb light radiation. High heating speed, good quality, usually use power, generally open fire heating or solar heating matching use.

Water heating

Water heating means heating asphalt with water as a heat carrier, in the form of medium pressure water and steam. Water heating can ensure the quality of asphalt and adequate protection equipment, less investment.

Fuel heating

Using crude oil, heavy oil, diesel oil, residual oil, asphalt, and coal tar as heating fuel, heating equipment is simple, heating speed is fast, environmental protection. However, measures should be taken to prevent asphalt aging and production safety during the heating process.

Solar heating

Solar energy is also being used to heat asphalt in a world where energy is increasingly scarce. Solar heating is generally used for preheating and is used in combination with other heating methods.

Gas heating

Gas and natural gas are used to heat asphalt. However, measures should be taken to prevent asphalt aging and production safety during the heating process.It is better to adopt continuous circulating heating to prevent the local temperature of asphalt from being too high.


What is the best way to heat asphalt in cold climates?

Generally speaking, in cold regions, equipment with heat transfer oil can be produced with high heating efficiency, low heating cost, low labor intensity and low environmental pollution. The equipment is portable and convenient. It is equipped with a double layer heat insulation system for quick heating of material.

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ANYCAN Asphalt hotbox adopts heat transfer oil heating way.

The old material excavated on-site can be added to the new material for heating the cold mixture. Asphalt recycling, greatly reduces the cost, hot material can be laid on the spot.

Normally, the new material can be stored, placed in a suitable place, to be used again when the road work. It solves the problem of hot material needed for road operation when the mixing station is closed due to the high cost of operation. Make hot material, construction, and emergency construction at any time.

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